So apparantly, there are people out there who can’t tell the difference between storytelling and reality, and think they are insulting somebody with their uneducated misogynistic comments.
Now -I do know the difference, and I don’t have the time or inclination to raise more children. So I am closing the comments function.

If anyone out there has an problem dealing with the fact that some of us chose to have stories, mystery & dreams in their lives, might I suggest you talk to your therapist or nana about this “great injustice” and leave the rest of us the fuck alone to dream, weave, sew and love.

Enjoy your internet.
Your “anonymous” comment has been reported to the police.


My doll O.P. before he moved house to help a friend out.


exhibition happening right now!

See where!

My project “texting with Boys” became an exhibition called “Texting” because sexing is boring, whereas messageing is fun.

The things we say in secret, between the lines, & inbetween days.
Portrait of the artist as a young man. With a young man. (Her son)
Some of my work.
The English one.
I think we should make away with shame.

Open until February 20th, Welcome!