Poerty & Embroidery = <3

Miracles were ment to happen.
Miracles were ment to happen.
handkerchiefs of sorrow.
cut up & woven emboidery
cut up & woven embroidery
Martas klagan
Martha’s lament
Dikt Harry Martinson
Poem Harry Martinson
På fabriken-servetter
På fabriken-servetter
Hela Harry Martinsons dikt

Writing words and sewing words are quite different experiences,

Sometimes I sew to attach my feelings to the cloth, to rid myself of them, and other times to give them weight and bearing.

Sometimes I steal poems, quotes or passages from books, other times I make it up as I go along.

Always in search of the miraculous.


Vår eller?


Vernissaget gick bra.
Sörforsa är på plats.
Runö är en lagom dagsutflykt, för den som hinner. Det hänger fram till valborg.